How Emails Are Automatically Sorted With Outlook Rules

outlook rules

In Microsoft’s words, “the rules allow you to move, mark and reply to emails automatically. You can also use rules to play sounds, move messages to folders or show alerts for new items. ”

outlook rules

Thanks to the rules of Outlook, and other mail clients, we can automate the cleaning of the inbox. Following these rules, which we will have previously configured, when detecting certain issues or shipping addresses, Outlook will move those messages, mark them or notify us.

Let’s see how Outlook rules work, both in its Online version and in the desktop version.

The Rules Of Outlook Online

If you have an email account with the domain, or, from its official website we can manage our email comfortably as well as organize external accounts.

If we access Settings, in the upper right corner, we will find the rules in Mail> Rules. To create them we must click on Add new rule and configure the conditions to activate automatically.

First we assign a name to the rule to differentiate between them and secondly, we indicate the conditions, which have to do with who sends the message, who receives it, what it puts in the subject or in the body of the message, its size if is marked, etc.

The third and final step is to define what action Outlook will take if the above conditions are met. You can move, copy or delete the message, anchor it at the beginning, mark it or categorize it and even resend it.

By default, when creating a rule, the option of Stop processing more rules is marked. Its purpose is that if you have defined several rules that affect the same email, the rule with that option marked will be the priority.

Another way to create a rule in Outlook is to open an email message, click on the More menu and then select the Create rule option. We can create a simple rule and if you want to make it more complex, just click on More options.

Outlook rules for Windows
The version of Outlook for Windows, from 2007 to 2019, has the function of rules to automate the organization of our mail messages. Move messages, delete them, forward them … There are many things we can do.

The Outlook rules will be found by right-clicking on a message in the Inbox or any folder. In the context menu that will be displayed, we will see a submenu called Rules.

From there you can click on Create Rule … or Manage Rules and Alerts… In both cases, we will have the possibility to design rules at pleasure.

First of all, we must define the condition to do something with a message, which can be who sends it, who receives it or what words the subject contains. Second, we tell the rule what to do: show an alert, play a sound, move the message …

Another way to create rules is from File> Manage rules and alerts> Rules and alerts> Email> New rule. From there we will have the additional help of the Rules Wizard, which allows us to create rules from templates according to the purpose of our rules: organize messages, be notified when receiving important messages, etc.

Through the assistant and its multiple windows, we will see everything we can do and what we have to configure to create the rules we want to keep our mail-in order.