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The Best Free Email Clients For Windows

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Although today it is common to have email accounts like Gmail, Outlook or similar that can be consulted from the Internet through the browser or with your own mobile application, it is still common to use desktop mail clients type Outlook, the most popular, especially in work environments.

email clients

But Outlook is not alone. The most veteran will remember mythical names like Eudora (1988) or the mythical Lotus Notes (1989), but today there are mail clients for Windows and other platforms that have been updated and will help us manage our messages without losing the time.


One of the most veteran alternatives that are still active is Thunderbird, Mozilla’s mail client, also responsible for the Firefox web browser. Its first version was launched in 2004, and since then it has had its ups and downs.

At the time, Thunderbird stood out for its antispam filters before Gmail arrived, or the use of tabs, extensions and themes. At present, Thunderbird has been relaunched with improvements in the interface and with more and improved functions, such as encryption of messages, calendar and calendar of integrated contacts, filters to better find emails, list of tasks, sending large files and A long etcetera.

In short, Thunderbird is an email client to consider to manage all our accounts, online, POP3 or IMAP.


With a clean design and betting on productivity, Mailspring is an email client inspired by Apple Mail to access our email taking full advantage of the available space on the screen.

I talked about Mailspring in a previous article highlighting its organizational functions, such as gestures, the integrated search engine, shortcuts and labels, etc. In addition, we can schedule messages to be sent later.

For the rest, Mailspring serves to manage any email account, has themes to customize its appearance, offers autocorrect and translation, personalization of the signature at the bottom of the message, notices and notifications.


Another recent email client proposal is Spike, available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. Your bet is to turn email into a conversation, something relatively recent.

For the rest, it allows you to manage several accounts from a single tray, create groups to organize messages and conversations, advanced search, integrated calendar, support to attach files from Google Drive to Dropbox and Snooze function to program messages that we will see in due time.

Spike also stands out for being able to attach all kinds of information and elements, such as images, animations, files, audios, etc. In addition, it allows you to make audio calls and video calls and customize notifications.


Available for Windows and Mac, Foxmail is a classic-style email client although it has an updated interface to organize our messages at a glance.

As for functions, Foxmail has the basic package: unified tray, support for most services, integrated notepad, message marking, preview, integrated search engine, etc. As a curiosity, its response is the Asian giant Tencent.