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The Right Words, The Keys To SEO

seo keywords

Although current search engines work with algorithms, the word is still an important part of SEO positioning, of that battle to appear on the first page of results and, if possible, in the top positions.

seo keywords

Among the usual tools to squeeze the maximum SEO potential of our page or website, keyword search engines are among the top positions, never better said, since they allow us to know what content is the most searched, what Internet users are looking for and what Words use for it.

These types of solutions include, for example, Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner, but there are all kinds of alternatives to find the keyword and associated content in several countries and languages with a simple search.


First, a very simple and handmade option, Soovle. Its particularity is that it shows keywords associated with our search in several search engines at the same time. More specifically, on Wikipedia, Answers, Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and Yahoo!

In addition to being able to search as many times as you want, the related words and concepts are interactive, that is when you click they will take you to the result of that search in the search engine where it appears. So you will see what content is better positioned.

Another curiosity of Soovle is that you see the keywords most sought after search engine that integrates, from A to Z. The bad thing is that it only takes into account the generic results, so we cannot filter by country or language.


If you search for keywords by country, language and search, Kparser allows you to work with Google, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo !, Bing, Amazon, Twitter and Yandex.

As usual in this type of search engines, in addition to the related words, we can see associated words and combined results sorted more or less. In case you want to obtain specific data of search volume or CPC, you must make a payment account.

Among its peculiarities, the Kparser search engine does not finish the search until we indicate it so that the results will be constantly increasing. In addition, advanced search allows you to include and exclude words to filter irrelevant results.


Another practical SEO word search is KWFinder, which allows you to search by keyword but also by domain, filter by country and geographic area, language, etc.

KWFinder results include organic and paid keywords, which we can sort according to different variables, etc. It also has to filter to include words or exclude others in the search, as well as show Google autocomplete results or questions directly.

The only drawback of KWFinder is that you must register to use it. For free, we can try it for 10 days. In addition to accessing this SEO word search engine, we will have the opportunity to use other similar tools.


In an original way, AnswerThePublic shows results related to the search we do, being able to show results according to a particular language, and in the paid version, also according to a country or region.

Using a graph or with the classic list, we will see associated search results based on basic questions and other connections. In addition, it is possible to see a list in alphabetical order and, by clicking on each result, we will go to Google to see the results.

With questions, prepositions, comparisons and related results, AnswerThePublic will show us a good handful of keywords to work with them in our SEO positioning.